Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Refined finishing and a typical Italian design for the first Motorini Zanini’s electric bike, […]
Little Italy a ebike of Motorini Zanini
30 January 2016

Little Italy a ebike of Motorini Zanini

Refined finishing and a typical Italian design for the first Motorini Zanini’s electric bike,

The E-bike revolution starts now. Motorini Zanini presents Little Italy!, the first E-bike by Zanini Italian Design and made by the designer Sergio Mori.

Little Italy! works to combine the exclusive and gorgeous Italian design with the convenience of innovative solutions in a more and more interesting sector where many new creators are wor- king for.

The purchase price is so competitive that it will change the asset of the market. The price 1599€ places Little Italy! in a market sector full of offers, where its exclusivity is focused to become a real cool product in the short term. Completely and absolutely made in Italy, Little Italy! concludes the compromise between style and quality, when one had to sacrifice the retirement of vehicle because of the budget. Little Italy! aims for the heart of people, who daily move through the traffic and would do it practically, ecologically and classy, being proud for the Italian quality of their bike.

Little Italy!, nominated at Grandesign Ethic 2014 (Renault won in 2013), is not only a fashionable object, as it is completely technically equipped with a Brushless electric engine in the front rear, a drive belt, innovative led lights (front and rear) inserted in the support of the seat and in the handlebars, solid–tyres by Tannus (100% anti-hole), seat and handgrips in leather.

“Little Italy! is not only an EPAC (Electric pedal assisted cycle) of low environmental impact”- says the Designer Sergio Mori – “but it has also a friendly style and it evokes the typical Italian 40’s bikes. The aim is to create a bike fit for men and women, which fascinates young people through its innovations and the adult interested into the fashion too”.

The new Little Italy! will be also offered in the charming Italian-flag colour. It is available in a Limited Series of 499 models at an incredible price of 1.990 €. People have the possibility to book the first Little Italy!
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