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Propella Electric Bike seeking funding
14 February 2016

Propella Electric Bike seeking funding

With Indiegogo platform of crowfounding.

Propella's mission is to bridge the gap between regular bikes and electric bikes (eBikes). We strive for simplicity, and our minimalist design allows us to achieve our goal by eliminating unnecessary features and focusing on essential elements.

Adding enormous battery capacity and power to an eBike can discourage riders from pedaling, reduce safety, and add excessive weight and cost. The right amount of power, however, can transform a bicycle into a lightweight, safe, and reliable electric vehicle.

You can pedal this eBike just like a normal bicycle and use the electric assist (if desired)  in two simple ways:

1) Throttle: The motor will push you forward at anytime by pressing down on the throttle. The more you push down on the throttle the more help you get from the motor. Throttle option is usually most helpful for getting back in motion after a complete stop at a red light or stop-sign. It is also useful for a quick boost of power on short but steep hills.

2) Pedal-Assist (PASS): This function only works when you are pedaling. 5 levels of assist are available that can be selected from the LCD Display. As you start pedaling the motor will kick in, and when you stop pedaling the motor turns off.

Levels 1-2 are typically used for long but relatively flat commutes. Levels 3-5 are ideal for  steep and long hills. On a flat road, level 5 assist will move you at about 20 mph with almost no effort from the rider. At assist level 0, the eBike behaves like a normal "non-electric" bicycle. This is useful for maximum exercise and calorie burn.

The propella have a motor  of 250W powered by a Lithium battery of 36B 6.6 with a range of 15-28 miles, 24-45km.

If you like more information you can click in this link:

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