Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Starting 2017 there will be a new Spanish car from a new company, Velántur. This is a surprising […]
Velántur, new Spanish electric sportcar
24 February 2016

Velántur, new Spanish electric sportcar

Starting 2017 there will be a new Spanish car from a new company, Velántur. This is a surprising electric sportcar with a singular three-door body in 2+2 configuration. Two prototypes are already running on Spanish roads.

After more than 18 months working on the development, testing and preparation for the approval of the first electric sportcar manufactured in Spain, the company Velántur has already started the countdown to reach the industrialization and commercialization of its first model in 2017.

The car will feature the latest technology applied to electric mobility, combined with a very unique and original design, which aims to combine spectacular lines of the most charismatic cars of yesterday with modern adaptations of tomorrow. A mixture with a strong appeal.

With a length of just over four meters, the body takes the configuration of 2+2-seater, three-door. With its electric engine of 180 hp, it accelerates in less than eight seconds from 0-100 km/h and will have a range of around 400 kilometers. The sportcar use lithium-ion batteries, which allow slow refills in a conventional household outlet like sprint ups in less than 30 minutes.

Velantur tells us:
With this prototype we want to continue to push forward, achieving the perfect combination of exclusivity, sportiness, sustainability and best functionality. The technology will be at the forefront of electric mobility in both the storage and drive system. But it will also be present in the interior, with digital information screens and all sorts of gadgets and details to improve the ergonomics and safety of the driver and passengers.

The first two prototypes are already under dynamic testing circulating on Spanish roads. As part of the development strategy, the company has just released a concept video of the first custom prototypes that is available on the website

José Ignacio Hurtado from the Hurtan Company tells us:
The design is ours and it is inspired by all the classics that we love ... it's the same with our Hurtan cars, they have design details from Morgan, from Jaguar, MG lines ... it's a kind of set of all what we like in the classics. In Velántur we take a risk, since I believe the type of audience we are addressing the car deserve something different. We have already said once we did not want to make a car to compete with the general car offers .... in any case, we would have no chance. So we made a car completely different, personal, unique and full of details ... I am convinced you will like it.
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