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The bubblecar revives with electric Microlino
23 March 2016

The bubblecar revives with electric Microlino

The first series of 500 units of the little Microlino, the revival of the welknown Isetta of the fifties, but now fully electric, is already reserved. Microlino will start to sell the in 2018; if there are no changes, until 2019 no more vehicles are available. Will it be a new success for the visionary Wim Oubuter?, who has already revolutionized the market with its small Micro Scooter Kickboard.

The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems, based in Küsnacht, has decided to revive one of the most unique microcars of the 50s, the Isetta, the bubble car, created in Italy by Iso Rivolta, but reaching its fame mainly through the BMW brand, which produced it between 1955 and 1963.

Its current proposal microcar, the Microlino, is a design of the Isetta adapted to our times. It will be fully electric!

The prototype of the Microlino was recently presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva, where it caused much furor. Equipped with a 15kW electric motor allows a top speed of 100 km/h and the lithium-polymer batteries give a range of about 100 kilometers. It is easily recharged at any household outlet.

In addition, the car is entered through the front door, which opens forward; inside there is a seat for two, and perhaps a child in the middle. Its length is less than three meters.

Micro Mobility Systems in Geneva announced a final price of between 8,000 to 10,000 €, promises the start the sale of the first units at the beginning of 2018. The company accept reservation... and the first 500 units were sold out in some days!

Everything seems to be that the Microlino will be a new business success for this company, which already highlighted with their Micro Scooter Kickboard, which are already sold in over 80 countries.

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