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Commute Case, the self-propelled briefcase
28 June 2016

Commute Case, the self-propelled briefcase

Commute-Case ™ (U.S. Patent Pending) is an incredibly unique, dual function, battery powered, self-propelled briefcase / commuter vehicle, you can actually ride! It is used as a single person mover; an "IN-BETWEEN URBAN DAILY TRANSPORT" to get you quickly from your daily commuter train, bus, subway, or auto to any downtown location, be it your office, shopping, or any appointment destination, on time!

Take the ultra-portable Commute-Case ™ with, on your daily train, bus, subway, or auto commute, as a super cool, innovative, standard sized briefcase, measuring (folded) just 18" L x 13" W x 4" H, and weighing only 27 lbs. You can put a laptop, computer tablets, smart phone, notebooks, documents, pens, or lunch sack into its internal storage area. It can be stored easily on public transportation under the seat in front, under your seat, or right beside it. Smart, simple, ultra compact and portable, this is one unique briefcase, you just have to ride as well as own. You can bring a Commute-Case ™ with you into offices, classrooms, restaurants, and even your favorite local coffee shop! Just grab the comfortable, briefcase style carry handle, located at the top center of the unit.

The unique, proprietary dual function feature Briefcase, which deploys in just 3-5 seconds, into an ultra-portable, lightweight, battery powered urban commute vehicle, is available only from Green Energy Motors Corp. Green Energy Motors Corp. is a privately held corporation located in Vernon Hills, IL. We have recently partnered with an electric motorcycle firm to finalize the design and will source from one of the major electric vehicle companies in China.

Commute-Case ™ is regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as an Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (consumer product), rather than a motor vehicle, and does not require license plates, state registration, or a driver's license to operate. Commute-Case ™ is legal to drive in all 50 states, anywhere bicycles are allowed to be driven, and beyond i.e., inside large buildings.

Please note we have both distributors and ultimate consumers from 25+ countries on a "WAITING LIST" for delivery, but still need USD $300,000 in equity investor funding for tooling, a production line here in the U.S. or E.U. and inventory to deliver.



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