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Stigo Bike perfect for urban life
15 August 2016

Stigo Bike perfect for urban life

Stigo Bike, small, folding and ecologic

This novel foldable electric scooter allows drivers to go virtually anywhere thanks to scooter´s ultra compact design and lightweight. “The Stigo scooter weighs only 13,9 kg and is a mere 48x40 cm when folded. The folded scooter resembles a golf bag or a wheeled suitcase, and can be brought along wherever one wishes to go – a restaurant, apartment, on public transportation or a small elevator. This makes the scooter distinctive and a perfect mode of transport for people in dense urban areas,” said Rando Pikner, CEO of Stigo Ltd.

"This is a unique opportunity for people and our future manufacturing partners to try the new scooter and test how comfortable and neat it really is. Stigo is small and safe to drive and we have received only positive feedback from the people who have tested it. It is quite fun to observe the reactions of people in the streets who have seen us driving the Stigo – the smiley faces, recognition and interest from strangers has given us the courage to expect to see a lot of Stigo-bikes on the streets in the future,” said Pikner.

Stigo´s maximum speed is 25 km/h, which allows Stigo to be classified as a limited performance scooter with lower legal and traffic requirements. It can be charged from a regular outlet and folding it takes only two seconds. Stigo have a motor of 250W with a 36V Lithium-ion battery it have a range of 30 km per charge.
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