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The Coolpeds iBike close to reality
04 September 2016

The Coolpeds iBike close to reality

This project has obtained funding with Indiegogo.

The Coolpeds iBike is ready to revolutionize the electric bike industry with its super light weight), powerful 350 Watt brushless motor, front wheel drive system for easier handling and only cost 499$, around 447€.

We designed our entire bike to be beautiful down to the details.  We created a gorgeous retro style bike and finished it with a genuine leather seat and grips.  The battery is even concealed in a matching leather-look pouch (unlike other electric bikes that have very large and tacky plastic battery compartments).  So you can ride through town stylishly and effortlessly, surprising everyone with how you get there so fast and still look so good!

Just as much as we want to make you look good, we want to make your life easier. So we made sure to build the lightest e-bike out there.  We maximized style, function, and power while minimizing any excess bulk with a lightweight frame and slim tires.  Some other e-bikes weigh a hefty 50 pounds, which is difficult to carry around town, especially on daily commutes. 

Our electric bike weighs an amazing 29 pounds, which makes it easier to carry and accessible for many more people. It is light enough to be carried down steps to the subway, pushed through town in crowded areas, or carried with you wherever you need to go.  The smart LCD display control unit lets you adjust the top speed limit (power assist)  from levels 1-5.

Start riding immediately at the push of a button or by pedaling.  The spring cushion leather seat and tall handle bar provide a comfortable seat and riding posture.  The Smart LCD display also helps you customize your max speed setting and check your speed, battery level, and range traveled.

PRICE: 499$

Powerful Motor: 350” with max. speed 20mph and a range up to 50 miles (25km/h and 80 km)

Battery: High quality Samsung lithium ion 36V battery rechargeable and replaceable.

Super Lightweight: Easily carry the coolpeds iBike anywhere with you. Convenlent for daily use and commutes; it weighs under 26LB (13KG).

Smart LCD Display Includes odometer and shows speed, battery level, and 5 max speed settings.
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