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BIL, the last km solution
27 September 2016

BIL, the last km solution

At the IAA 2016 in Hannover (germany), the French company Libner presents definitily their concept for the "last kilometer solution", the response to the growing problem of logistics and delivery, namely the last kilometer in urban areas and cities hyper centres, without administrative and environmental constraints. The concept provides an immediate and practical solution that consists in combining 3 technical elements and one element purely human and administrative.

On the technical side, it includes a rigid truck chassis or trailer fitted with the "BIL LIFT" system at the rear and carries a modular electric truck "BIL TRUCK" on which on pallet is loaded when both floors are lined up in height using the "BIL LIFT". BIL means the Intelligent Logistic Base. On the human and administrative side, the technical problem being now solved with our solution, it is up to regional and local authorities, states around the world to create parking spaces in outskirts of the cities.

This location identified as a specific area, similar to car sharing vehicles, will allow organizing the temporary or planned truck stops during the day or during the night. Then the BIL TRUCK fitted with a BIL BOX will come into action to access to these stops occasional parking or planned during the day and night to let the BIL TRUCK, with his BIL BOX, to access their urban centers.

The BIL BOX is a small modular container suitable for various trades. This module is fixed and carried on the BIL TRUCK, it can be loaded and unloaded at the customers’. Its body is very flexible thanks to the various options available (swing doors or shutter door, top flap, fitting out, etc.…) to meet all needs: beverages, temperature control, pallet, tipper, box van, curtain sided…

The BIL TRUCK could deliver to shops at any time of day or night, help to decongest streets off polluting and bulky thermal engine trucks. It would also increase the rotation vehicle rates and the profitability of major actor in logistics.

The small electric truck will have a payload of about 800 kg, a speed of about 45 km/h and a fully electric range of about 80 kilometers, more than enough for his work.

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