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EcoReco Model R Personal EV
10 December 2016

EcoReco Model R Personal EV

Crowdfunding project about create a smart Personal EV

EcoReco Model R is designed to provide an unprecedentedly fun, intuitive, and practical user experience for personal commute and recreation. Packed with generous specs and full of innovative features, such as Dynamic Battery Switching System, Carefree Fall Detection, Lightvigation, Tile location tracking, smart lock, and endless configurablility, EcoReco is the ultimate last mile EV for your active lifestyle and passion for technologies.

EcoReco knows scooters
A scooter is safer than a skateboard and more portable than a bike. It is accessible for everyone and compatible with cars and public transits. We believed the form factor so much we created a company to make it.

Model R cleverly integrates the turn-by-turn navigation with turn signals on the handlebars and the rear fender. The patented Lightvigation would notify you where to turn while you keep eyes on the roads, and cars around you would know your next moves at all time. The flash frequency also changes quicker when you get closer to the turn, so you would never miss your turn.

Model R implemented emerging standard eBCAS (Early Bicycle Collision Avoidance System) that enables cars to detect nearby connected bikes and scooters. Your Model R is detectable even when out of sight (fog, traffic, blind spots, around the corner etc.) for smart cars with the same advanced feature.

In the rare event of an impact or fall, sensors on Model R would record the impacts and scooter conditions. After several secs of inactivity of both rider and the scooter, the patented Carefree Fall Notification would trigger your smartphone to text the GPS location to a pre-set emergency contact. Just for your and your loved one's peace of mind that Model R is your safety guardian.

All Model R battery packs are made of Panasonic cells, similar to the ones Tesla uses for its EVs, which are highly stable and reliable. There are 2 battery sizes to choose from. The "Lite" battery pack solves your last mile needs while offering low costs, light weight, and portability. It also follows the Federal Aviation Regulation compliance for air travels. The “Pro” battery pack (300Wh) gives you max power and lasts 10-20 ranges.

The battery bays are under your feet and batteries are quickly swappable. The batteries install in a forward or rear slot, ensuring that the scooter is never off-balance to the left or right. You have the freedom to choose the right battery size you need and to expand later. You can also use the extra space to store a travel charger or other things you like.

The patented Dynamic Battery Switching system coordinates Model R battery packs. It adjusts the power performance automatically and shuts off immediately under unusual situations. You can choose to use just one single pack or to mix-or-match different battery packs where you could set to use them in tandem or simultaneously.

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