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Lucid Motors will built supercar in Arizona for 2018
16 December 2016

Lucid Motors will built supercar in Arizona for 2018

Lucid Motors, the California-based start-up with Chinese capital, has chosen the town of Casa Grande in Arizona to build a modern factory to produce its supercar from 2018 on. The company, formerly known as Atieva, is a specialist in components for electric vehicles, especially referring to the whole drive train and the batteries, wanting to demonstrate its technological advances in these fields with a luxury car of its own. The little that is known of its model is that it will have more than 1.000 CV of power and batteries that will give more than 600 kilometers of autonomy.

The Californian Lucid Motors and Samsung SDI announce a strategic partnership for battery cell supply. Samsung SDI will be a major supplier of lithium-ion cells for Lucid’s first vehicle, an executive sedan scheduled to begin production in late 2018.

Samsung SDI and Lucid have collaborated to develop next-generation cylindrical cells that are able to exceed current performance benchmarks in areas such as energy density, power, calendar life and safety. Significantly, this jointly developed cell achieves breakthrough tolerance to repeated fast charging.

 “The breakthrough battery life demonstrated by the new cell from Samsung SDI will be of tangible benefit to our customers, particularly companies with ride-sharing services operating around the clock,” said Peter Rawlinson, CTO of Lucid.

On November 29th, Lucid Motors announced Casa Grande, Arizona, as the location for their cutting-edge automotive factory. The site selection process began over a year ago, evaluating over 60 potential sites in 13 states throughout the United States. Arizona and Casa Grande was finally chosen for their pro-business mindset, excellent workforce, forward-thinking academic institutions, strong regional supply chain, and availability of a suitable property.

The company plans to break ground and begin hiring in the first half of 2017. In 2018, they will begin production of their first model. By 2022, the company having over 2,000 full-time employees working on site.

Lucid is creating a vehicle to lead a new era of luxury mobility. A vehicle that redefines the automotive experience for both driver and passenger. A vehicle that encapsulates the passion and ingenuity of our experienced team. “In the state of Arizona, Pinal County, and the city of Casa Grande, we believe we have found the right partners to realize this vision.”


Taking a unique approach to the drivetrain, the Lucid motor and transmission have been designed as a truly integrated system. Entirely developed in-house, the resulting solution is smaller, more efficient and more power-dense than competitors, while potentially more reliable.


Nearly ten years of battery pack development have led to best-in-class energy density. The battery is capable of 1,000 horsepower and enabling up to 400 miles of range. Additionally, a unique battery chemistry provides breakthrough tolerance to repeated fast-charging.

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