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E-Force electric truck with more power
02 February 2017

E-Force electric truck with more power

The swiss company E-Force anounces a new battery technology for their electric trucks.

The new batteries will have between 90 and 260 kWh of power, which will allow to prepare the trucks according to the wishes - and needs - of each customer. The transmission has been improved and already reaches an efficiency of 91%. The set of these improvements allows to offer electric models of up to 40 tons.

E-Force emphasizes that its extremely quiet trucks are ideal for regional and city distribution. On highway the truck could reach an autonomy of about 200 kilometers, in regional or city use this autonomy is increased up to 300 kilometers. The recharge of the complex battery system will take four to six hours on a rapid recharge station (80% or total), a slower recharge systems will take more than 12 hours.

Electric trucks tend to be faster than models with diesel engines, mainly in accelerations from the stop. Its top speed is around 87 km/h. Consumption is estimated at 80 to 110 kWh at 100 km on highway and between 60 and 90 kWh/ 100 km in the city.

E-Force has supplied eight units in 2016, hoping that demand will grow rapidly. Company boast that their vehicles have made a total of more than 650,000 kilometers without problems, which shows the company is on the right way. At the last International Truck and Bus Show, the IAA 2016 in Germany, there has been a growing interest in electric models.

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