Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Sunbike is a new electric motorbike […]
Sunbike, Designed in London. Made in Korea
04 February 2017

Sunbike, Designed in London. Made in Korea

Sunbike is a new electric motorbike

“Sunbike is a new electric motorbike for the commuter market, but what we found was there are still barriers for many consumers in purchasing an electric vehicle. So Sunbike has been designed to purposely remove those barriers. One of the first questions people ask is how am I going to charge it? Where am I going to charge it?

So we knew pretty early on that we had to find a way of getting the battery out of the bike. Sure you can charge it like a normal electric bike, but there is no need to hunt around for charging posts, there is no need to have something installed on your driveway, in fact you don’t even need a driveway. All you need to do is open up the bike, take the battery out and charge it in your home, in your high rise apartment, or under your desk at work.

Being able to charge it anywhere like this, we believe actually reduces range anxiety. And range is a big one. Range is one of those barriers. And we knew we had to strike the right balance between top speed, range, weight, and ultimately, battery cost. We didn’t want price to ever be a barrier, so Sunbike will be affordable not only to own, purchase, but also to run.

The beauty of electric vehicles of course is there is minimum moving parts and there is no oil, there is no coolant, there is no petrol, it’s clean! Sunbike was also designed to be narrow. Narrow and clean enough to store indoors.

We spent a lot of time working on the vehicle dynamics. We wanted to make sure that the suspension setup, the weight distribution, the balancing, the braking… All of the chassis dynamics were perfect. We know that the maximum speed limit in most cities around the world is around 30 mph. Sunbike easily can achieve 37 mph as top speed. You’ve got good acceleration, you’re quick off the lines, shifting to a higher gear just by tweaking a button.

The beauty comes in the detail which has been crafted to give riders the sensorial and emotive feedback that is so important in creating connection with the vehicle. Sunbike is truly a sustainable vehicle. One that is easy to own, simple to use, but most importantly, great fun to ride“.

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