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E.Go Life ultimate city car
27 March 2017

E.Go Life ultimate city car

The German e.Go Mobile presents the city car Life with its ultimate design at CeBIT 2017 fair in Hannover. This is the second car developed at the RWTH Aachen Campus and the second that will go to live after the StreetScooter from 2010.

The e.GO Mobile AG redesigned the electric car that had originally been devised as a heavy quadricycle to a standard passenger car of the vehicle category M1. The e.GO Life presents itself as a high-acceleration city car that is excellent value for money at a price of 15,900 Euro (before deduction of the environmental bonus). The e.GO Life series production will start in spring 2018, ordering will be possible after May 2017.

At the "Digitalization Live" booth, e.GO, the European 4.0 Transformation Center on RWTH Aachen Campus and its technology partners PTC, PSI, Exceet and justSelling demonstrate how it is possible for an absolutely new vehicle concept to quickly and effectively succeed in a highly iterative development process making use of the Scrum methodology known from the software industry. The e.GO Life Rolling Chassis exemplifies the digital chain, realizing Augmented Reality Robotics within series production, virtual factory planning and vehicle data transmission in a digital shadow. The almost closed information logistics chain illustrates how the costs of development, production and logistics may be reduced significantly.

e.GO Mobile AG is an electric car startup that develops and produces electric vehicles and is headquarted on RWTH Aachen Campus. This business was founded in spring 2015 by Prof. Günther Schuh, who had already co-founded StreetScooter GmbH in 2009. The currently 70 employees benefit from this experience in their daily work developing and constructing affordable and customer-focused electric cars for short-distance travel in agile teams. Serial production is scheduled to start in early 2018.

Drive: BOSCH 48V drive system
Performance: 22 kW continuous output (30 kW peak performance)
Battery capacity: 14.4 kWh (extended: 19.2 kWh)
Acceleration 0 - 50 km/h: 4.9 sec
Range: approx. 100 km in basic version (extended: 130 km)
Dimensions (length/width/height): 3380 / 1700 / 1570 mm
Curb weight: approx. 650 kg (without battery)
Chassis: 2 + 2 seating
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