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Kreisel Evex electric for 1 millon euros
06 April 2017

Kreisel Evex electric for 1 millon euros

Austrian manufacturer Kreisel, an expert in batteries and components for electric cars, presents its first fully electric sports car, built in conjunction with the German manufacturer EVEX, a company dedicated to rebirth old glories. In this case, the first supercar Kreisel presents the Porsche 910, and will cost about one million Euros. In return you get a very sophisticated, super-fast and unique car.

The Porsche 910 was produced 35 times almost 30 years ago, but only so that teams could participate in the international races. In this case the most successful team were the pilots Rolf Stommelen and Jochen Neerpasch. In the 70's the German company EVEX began offering sophisticated replicas of these models, making a total of four units. Now EVEX has teamed up with the electric expert Kreisel to let reborn again some units of this unique sport, but this time equipped with the most sophisticated electrical technology to create a very special electric supercar. What better than to locate all the components manufactured by the Austrian company Kreisel in a striking classic sports car?

Well there it is. The Kreisel Evex silently reaches 300 km/h, accelerates in only 2.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h and is also homologated for the road, an important detail that was not achieved with the original model. According to its creators the car has a range of about 350 kilometers thanks to its battery pack of 53kWh.

To achieve these benefits, Kreisel had to create several new components. For example, a two-speed automatic transmission, with a reduction of 8.16 for the first, and 4.67 for the second gear. It has a self-locking differential with integrated oil pump for lubrication and cooling.

The new car weighs about 1,100 kg, as it carries a pack of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. In order to be able to place both the battery pack and the entire drive train in the rear, Kreisel had to modify the frame to reinforce it, in addition, opted for a new more adapted refrigeration system that replaces the original cooling by air.

This car will be manufactured only on demand at a price that can be around 1 million Euros.

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