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Vintage Electric Bikes presents Emory Outlaw Tracker
28 April 2017

Vintage Electric Bikes presents Emory Outlaw Tracker

The Californian company Vintage Electric presents the Emory Outlaw Tracker, born with an exciting collaboration inspired by tastemakers, misfits, hard workers – the Outlaws!, the Emory Motorsports. California-born and California-built. Through quality, speed and style this one sets out to be the greatest limited-edition bike yet.

An Emory-inspired bucket headlight with mesh grill holds a powerful LED light to keep you safe on your fastest lap to the coffee shop. The Outlaw Tracker also comes equipped with an integrated rear tail light. These lights receive energy from the main battery via integrated wiring, no exposed wires or additional batteries to worry about.

Utilizing a classic moto-inspired inverted design, the suspension fork is made to last. Our road race valving smoothens the fastest bike path rides while allowing for maximum road performance. Perfectly balanced brushed stainless steel handlebars put you in the perfect riding position to win your commute: keeping you focused on the ride ahead.

The most trusted name for hydraulic disc brakes in the cycling community, Shimano provides the Outlaw Tracker with trusted technology and unsurpassed braking performance, the Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes. The oversized 203mm front disc makes for optimal braking power even at 36 MPH.

The heart and soul of the Outlaw Tracker, the patent-pending aluminum battery box from Vintage Electric Bike, is beautifully designed and locally sand cast in San Jose, CA. This special housing protects crucial electrical components, including the 702 watt-hour lithium battery. It also disperses heat, allowing our high performance system to run at lower temperatures, increasing efficiency.

The Outlaw Tracker is equipped with Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. These tires provide race-like grip even on the mean streets of your town. Fat Franks feature KevlarGuard, a robust woven material that protects against flats.

Standard on the Outlaw Tracker is Race Mode, a feature which utilizes the 3,000-watt rear hub motor to rapidly accelerate the rider to 36 Miles/Hour (58 Km/Hour). With that amazing powerhouse and a feather light frame, the Outlaw Tracker packs a punch. Welcome to the ride of your life. (Race Mode is intended for off-road use only. Simply remove the Race Mode key to switch back into street-legal mode and comply with local regulations including USA and EU standards.)

Range: 35 miles in Street Mode
Speed: 20 MPH in Street Mode, 36 MPH in Race Mode
Recharge Time: 2 hours
Motor: 3,000 watt 3-phase brushless electric
Power: 250 to 750 watt street mode / 3,000 watt race mode
Energy Recapture: Vintage Electric Regenerative Braking System
Electronic Speed Controller: 60 amp
Charger: High performance DC 52 VC 110/220 AC compatible
Battery: 52v 13.5 AH with estimated pack life of 30,000 miles

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