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Electric Bike of Trial
29 April 2017

Electric Bike of Trial

Electric Motion present their new Etrek 2017

The ETrek is versatile as it comes with a traditional comfortable seat which adapts it well for legal street use. Perfect for use in the city or off road, its light weight at 98 kg is an amazing riding experience. Make it your first choice. Whether you’re riding in the heart of the city, or on your favourite trails, you will find the ETrek an amazing riding experience.

The Etrek have a top speed of 85km/h and a range of 73 km and it's charging in 3h 45min. It have a electric motor of 15CV annd a couple of 26Nm (power tests UNECE R85). This motor is powered by lithium polymer battery of 2,7kWh

Electric Motion has designed a bike easy to ride in town and efficient for an off road use. With its inverted fork, frame from competition design and all the elements combined, equip the ETrek to make it a very light and nimble motorcycle at 95kg. This allows the ETrek to be comfortable in any riding situation.

Visit their page for more information

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