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Düsenspeed, swiss E-Bikes with passion
02 October 2017

Düsenspeed, swiss E-Bikes with passion

The Swiss Düsenspeed is a passionate and innovative start-up in the field of electromobility, design and manufacture of new and ambitious high-tech applications prototypes. Based on its competence in machine- and shipbuilding and in processing wood and fibre composites, the company like to offer special bikes demostrating their own path.

The Spirit of Cruising is being redefined. The hallmark can be summarised as follows: a high-tech frame, outstanding design and the excitement of driving.

The company design, develop and realise their products under their full responsibility in their manufacturing site located in the area of Bern (Switzerland). The products are of reduced complexity, homogenously built and consist of few components compared to mass products available on the market.

The monocoque frame makes it possible to produce high-end, light, and highly form-stable products requiring very little maintenance and offering a lot of driving pleasure.

The construction processes developed and refined by themselves open up new innovative perspectives with regard to design, statics and applications.

Model 1: This e-bike Boardtracker is a tribute to the legendary boardtracker, with which the first motorcycle races took place in the early 20th century. The hybrid-fibre frame of the Model 1 weighing approximately 4 kg has been designed for high speeds. The road holding of this e-bike is simply exciting. The motor power is from 250 W to 2.000 W, with a torque up to 80 Nm and a range of 40 to 200 kilometers.

Model 2: This Café Racer has its root in the English sub-culture of the nineteen sixties, when production of motorcycles was converted in a puritan manner into production of racing machines. The current minimalism in those days helped define the design. Its hybrid-fibre frame, weighing approximately 5,5 kg, has been designed for speeds up to 160 km/h. The road holding of this e-bike is simply overwhelming. The accumulator capacity goes up tp 4.500 Wh with a range of up to 250 km.

Model 3:The prototype of this Enduro/FreerideE was presented at March 2017, addresses to both enduro and freeride customers. This model underscores the specific aesthetics and technology of Düsenspeed’s e-bike family based on the following brand values: - effective innovation, development of own products, satisfaction of customer needs and exclusive client servicing, short development times and great flexibility in production. It has a 500 W engine.

Prices are on demand.
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