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EVTEC and GOFAST, fast charging without cooled cables
07 March 2018

EVTEC and GOFAST, fast charging without cooled cables

In order to be future-proof and ready for new, faster-charging electric vehicles, EVTEC has developed a new cable type that allows permanent charging at 150kW, without liquid cooling of the cable. With the EVTEC patented solution, the cable remains handy as usual. In fact, the outer dimensions are unchanged.

Additional benefits for ultra-fast charging operators like GOFAST include lower maintenance, high reliability and better energy efficiency over other solutions that use liquid cooled cables. Through this innovation, GOFAST saves on operating costs and its, existing infrastructure can easily be upgraded in order to fast charge not only upcoming cars, but also buses and trucks with maximum power.

GOFAST, the Swiss operator of ultra-fast charging stations, is building a network of locations where all electric vehicles can charge. In addition to the standard plugs CCS, CHAdeMO and AC type 2, a DC type 2 plug is also available. This allows all drivers of fast charging vehicles, including Teslas, to continue their journey in the shortest time possible. This charging station with a power of up to 150kW, developed by the Swiss company EVTEC, is in operation as a pilot project since January 2018 at the service area in Gunzgen. The first experiences are very positive: at this location up to 10 charging sessions per day were registered in January. The DC Type 2 plug was used in more than 16% of the sessions.

EVTEC develops and produces turnkey products for e-mobility in Switzerland. Since 2010, the focus has been on solutions for DC fast charging. In addition to the well-known product lines move&charge and coffee&charge, espresso&charge is the product needed for the development of the future infrastructure. Smart system integration, dynamic energy management and energy efficient charging and discharging complete the portfolio.

GOtthard FASTcharge is a Swiss company with the mission to provide an ultra fast charging infrastructure, where every electric vehicle driver can recharge within 10 minutes up to 100 km range. Currently, GOFAST operates 12 locations in Switzerland with an additional 20 locations in development. GOFAST not only relies on operating charging stations on its own, but also offers attractive franchise models for location partners.
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