Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar The Spanish Mö is a solar bio-hybrid vehicle for the everyday commute. production of this so […]
The Mö starts production
01 December 2018

The Mö starts production

The Spanish Mö is a solar bio-hybrid vehicle for the everyday commute. production of this so special vehicle will start in some days in Málaga. The company is working hard to prepare the launch, as this is a complex task in which several teams must coordinate to work together: design, certification, marketing, processes, suppliers, assemply, manuals. Preserial models, which we use for testing the production chain and the finished vehicle, are already in the process of assembly and it is expected that beta units will start to leave the factory at the beginning of 2019.

Mö is a Solar bio-hybrid vehicle for the everyday commute. Practical, agile and versatile, it’s an innovative and ultra-efficient urban vehicle. It combines the advantages of a car such as safety, weather protection and comfort, with the low energy consumption and space utilization of a light electric vehicle. The portable battery system, flexible cargo capabilities and gearshift system, makes it easy to integrate into the existing infrastructure of day-to-day life. mö charges through built-in solar panels to restore energy into the removable battery, which can also be charged via electric mains. Using a socially responsible highly cost effective management system, its design takes into account the durability of materials and systems, with priority on: safety, sustainability, maximum longevity, reliability and low maintenance. It represents a very real alternative to private transportation in urban and peri-urban areas and its versatility can extend to tourist, leisure and institutional sectors of any size.
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