Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar Until now, the operation of snow groomers has been linked to the consumption of diesel, but […]
Electric snow groomers from Prinoth
04 January 2021

Electric snow groomers from Prinoth

Until now, the operation of snow groomers has been linked to the consumption of diesel, but reciently the Italian Prinoth company, presented the worlds first hydrogen-powered snow-groomer and the Husky eMotion, the lighest electric snow groomer on the market.

The South Tyrolean manufacturer Prinoth, has changed the status quo with its two new concept snow groomers, the introducción of zero-emission vehicles that help contrinute to carbon-neutral skiing

“Our Group of companies is not only talking about protecting the environment but is taking concrete steps. We produce renewable energy, develop and manufacture wind turbines and our ropeways offer innovative e-mobility public transport systems. Now we are proud to introduce emission-free snow groomers. Sustainability is not just a word for us, it’s a commitment“ says Anton Seeber, President of the HTI Group, who describes Prinoth as a pioneer.

The Prinoth Leitwolf h2Motion achieves the connection between zero-emission propulsion and undiminished power. In comparison with the diesel Leitwolf shows that the new, hydrogen-powered version has not lost any of its outstanding technological values. The new concept vehicle with 544 hp (400kW) even surpasses the diesel engine in terms of power.

The Leitwolf h2Motion was displayed on December 20 and 21 at the Alta Badia Gran Risa ski slope, during the Ski World Cup races.

In addition Prinoth has also launched the Husky eMotion, the lightest electric snow groomer in the world. Lightweight snow groomers are perfect for challenging conditions that require a high degree of manoeuvrability. The manufacturer has set a new benchmark in the winter sports industry, helping to pave the way forward for sustainable skiing.
A parte de este modelo con motor a hidrógeno, la empresa Prinoth también ha presentado el Husky eMotion con motor totalmente eléctrico. This groomer has an electric motor of 200kW (270 HP) with a battery power of 190 kWh, immediately maximum torque of 1140 Nm, and a runtime of about three hours.
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