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Fisker Karma in EU
25 June 2012

Fisker Karma in EU

    Fisker Automotive’s international expansion continues with a growing dealer network and customer delivery of their cars across Europe. It was recently announced that long-established dealer group Guarnieri will exclusively import and market all Fisker vehicles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Guarnieri operates first-class dealerships and showrooms across the Spanish mainland with a large and loyal customer base and a track-record of success with premium manufacturers including BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren.

    Announcing the new partnership at the Marbella Luxury Weekend, Fisker Automotive’s Executive Chairman Henrik Fisker said: “We are delighted to have an importer as well-established and experienced as Guarnieri to bring our range-extended luxury cars to Spain. This further increases Fisker Automotive’s international distribution footprint as we bring the concept of Responsible Luxury to consumers worldwide.”

    Fisker Automotive is also opening up a new showroom in Oslo, based in the center of the world-renowned waterfront district Tjuvholmen is a modern urban waterfront, built on the land of an old shipyard, situated in heart of Oslo overlooking the majestic Oslo Fjord. This showroom will be a state-of-the-art showroom in a setting that reflects Henrik Fisker’s ‘design inspired by nature’ philosophy.

    Fleets of Fisker Karmas have been turning heads at the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix and Marbella Luxury Weekend, where prospective customer test drives and VIP events have been taking place. Fisker has showrooms in all three locations. The Karma is becoming a more frequent sight on the roads of France, Italy and Germany as customer deliveries and high-profile events continue into the summer.

    In its first major advertising campaign in national US media, Fisker Automotive, the leading manufacturer of luxury Electric Vehicles with extended range (EVer), today celebrated its breakthrough in combining sustainable motoring with cutting edge technology and design.

    New isn’t easy.
    History will tell you the new path is often the most difficult.
    Discovery, far more work than settling.
    But history will also tell you there are always a few who simply don’t care.
    They don’t care that pushing forward is 4,000 times harder than being pulled along.
    They don’t care that giant leaps require more than a single step.
    And they don’t care that not everyone is behind them.
    Because they know the doubters aren’t the builders.
    The critics are never the creators.
    And the skeptics, rarely the inventors.
    When we set out to redefine and reshape how the
    world thinks about cars, we knew it wouldn’t be easy.
    And despite our many firsts, accomplishments, and accolades, it hasn’t been.
    But that’s alright.
    Building the future never is.
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