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11 October 2012

    Meet Flexible Mobility for the Modern Urban Space
    Berlin, presentation of a new state-of-the-art concept for urban mobility: HIRIKO (basque for “urban”) is a completely novel Mobilitiy-On-Demand system, specifically designed for adaptable and integrated public mobility in large urban environments. As a key part of an innovative public transport strategy, Hiriko is able to offer a sustainable and intuitive transportation solution that adapts to the spatial scarcity in modern cities.

    The presentation on the Platform electroMobility of the InnoZ at Berlin’s EUREF-Campus will highlight some of the many technical innovations realized in the HIRIKO CityCar: As a compact electric urban vehicle it is capable of folding together when parked and rotating on the spot.  The CityCar is being developed by HIRIKO Driving Mobility in cooperation with InnoZ, MIT Media Lab, Ubitricity and Humboldt-Innovation.
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