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05 February 2013

    Polaris worldwide leader in powersports, in conjunction with EVantage™, is proud to introduce a new line of electric bicycles. The Polaris brand entering the electric bicycle category is a major move towards making electric bicycles a viable mainstream recreational option in the US. To develop a full and complete line, Polaris & EVantage set out to not only meet, but exceed the standards of performance, design, and materials engineering in the industry. “The Polaris name has always been synonymous with superior design and quality, and these electric bicycles are no exception,” says EVantage President Brandon Kaplan.

    The Polaris e-bikes feature new proprietary technology in their motor, battery and controller systems: Motor System  DuoDrive™ is the propelling force behind every Polaris electric bicycle. Patent pending, DuoDrive™technology allows the motor to use both speed and high torque, switching from a SpeedDrive configuration on flat or low intensity terrain to a TorqueDrive configuration on hilly or other high resistance terrain. The Smart Control system automatically manages the drive mode, changing to accommodate the ride environment.

    The ARC Regen system is an energy recovery system that captures power through both regenerative braking and when the bike exceeds 20mph, returning power to the battery supply. The onboard display reveals Speed, Trip Distance, Odometer, Battery Range, and a Carbon Footprint Readout. The rider can control the assist levels and integrated LED lightin.

    Not Just Another E-Bike Most electric bikes are either throttle controlled or pedal assist. However, Polaris e-bikes feature both power on demand (through the use of a throttle) and pedal assistance (the motor provides power assistance during the regular pedal motion). The throttle works just like a throttle on a scooter or motorcycle would and there is no need to pedal. The pedal assist mode will match or exceed the rider’s pedal power to give them assistance in riding. A rider can choose the type of assistance needed based on the ride.

    With 3 different lines and a total of 7 models, Polaris bikes hit all niches. The Vector line includes all around rugged e-bikes designed to go from the trail to the street and every place in between. The Strive line features touring models, built for comfort and ease. The Meridian line targets the urban commuter with its sleek European styling, fenders and front LED lighting.

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