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China and the electric vehicles
07 April 2013

China and the electric vehicles

    Future of electric cars and bicycles depends on Chinese market

    China is at a crossroads. Currently the country counts on 65 cars per 1000 inhabitants, far below the level in Europe or in the United States. But if China achieved simply to increase this to 100 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants, still far below European levels, they theoretically would keep all the oil still available ... and not let even a drop for others. Also multiply their already many environmental problems.

    The only way out is that China changes their energy and accept the electricity as a power source for future cars. China in 2012 has sold about 12,500 electric and hybrid vehicles, yet very few, but with a significant growth. Much more spectacular are the sales of electric bikes in China: we talk about 30 million electric bikes sold in 2012, and a park completed over 180 million of these vehicles. According to some studies it is estimated that in the year 2018 about 48 million electric bicycles and tricycles will be sold in the world, about 42 million of them in China.

    It is clear that all the progress in the production of alternative propulsion vehicles is looking to China. The international car industry understand that they have to create joint ventures with Chinese companies to engage in the mass production of electric vehicles. There will be new compnaies and new brand names as Denza (Daimler and LIS) - just presented at Prestige Electric Car. New exclusive brands of vehicles electrical are anounced for the Shanghai Motor Show later this month, as Springo (General Motors and SAIC), Ranz (Toyota and FAW), Kandi (Chinese union between Kandi and Geely) and Zhinuo, a joint-venture between BMW and Brilliance. All these new electric cars manufacturers will built these cars on a high production level, it's easy to guess these cars will also be exported to Europe and USA in the future.
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