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Valmet EVA with Wankel engine
18 April 2013

Valmet EVA with Wankel engine

    An electric car with range extender based on a Wankel engine

    Valmet Automotive presents the company's first concept vehicle with a range extender drivetrain. The concept is designed to optimize the benefits of serial hybrid technology, resulting in a comfortable, highly economical, safe and environment-conscious vehicle.

    The hybrid concept profits from the experience Valmet Automotive has gathered from EV engineering and manufacturing. It features lightweight materials and structures, and an advanced drivetrain with AC and DC charging and a range extender developed by Wankel SuperTec. The concept has seating capacity for 4 adults, weights 1270 kg, and has a top speed of 130 km/h.

    The specified electric range is over 90 km (NEDC), the specified total with the range extender and a 30 l fuel tank reaches 580 km (NEDC). The optimized lithium-ion battery weighs 150 kg and has an energy capacity of 17.5 kWh. The battery can be charged by AC normal charging in 4.5 h and by DC fast charging in just 20 min.

    The wankel type range extender type offers several benefits. It can be run on diesel and gasoline and with modifications on liquid gas, natural gas or hydrogen. The selected rotary engine is compact and lightweight (35 kg incl. electric generator and other auxiliaries), as well as quiet and vibration-free. The 350 cm³ diesel range extender built in the hybrid concept produces 18 kW with fuel consumption of just 1.5 l / 100 km. The emission rates will remain low regardless of the power mode. The power is transmitted to rear wheels by two direct drive permanent magnet synchronous motors.

    "This concept is a logical continuation to Valmet Automotive's EV engineering. Hybrid solutions are the mainstream of EV technology today. The concept shows our ability in engineering a hybrid, and also our capacity as an integrator, using various manufacturers' components to make an advanced vehicle", says Mr. Markus Hirvonen, Project Manager, Valmet Automotive.
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