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Hiriko folding electric car - cardiac arrest
13 May 2013

Hiriko folding electric car - cardiac arrest

    One of the most exciting electric car is waiting to private investment to go into production.

    Hiriko, the folding electric city car from Spain, has entered cardiac arrest: the company located in Vitoria, in charge of making the prototypes, has ceased working and has sent its 25 employees home. The reason is the same as always, lack of capital to finish what has been started with such care and strength.

    But an undeniable fact is that the car is finished, it is running and the technology is working well, and potential large customers are waiting to receive the first units for testing and then define how many units to order. In other words, lacks little to attain the great achievement.

    But as always happens and has happened before: now in the final stretch, with the goal to a point, money is scarce and no investor available, at least for now. The manager is looking for investors to give about 15 million Euros to carry out the approval and the industrialization phase, since public support is reversed and there are no more public help.

    The electric and probably most advanced electronic city car, which would be manufactured in Spain, was adapted in its latest version to be more commercial. The sophisticated four robot wheels are changed for normal wheels, the steering column from an airplane changed for a conventional steering wheel, and lighter batteries intend to not exceed the weight of 600 kg.

    Currently the company  expected private investors willing to give the money to bring the project to mass production and marketing, all the initial work to achieve a highly competitive product are ready-made. There are only missing the final push to get the vehicle out of the current induced coma.

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