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Electric motorbike CRP Energica with ABS
31 May 2013

Electric motorbike CRP Energica with ABS

    June 3rd in Modena

    The green two wheels made in CRP will be exclusive guests in the first edition of "Z.ero E.mission V.eichle & Press ecoRace"
    On Monday, June 3rd Modena Racetrack will organize in collaboration with Renault Italy, the first "Z.ero E.mission V.eichle & Press ecoRace", a day dedicated to the world of sustainable mobility!

    During this event, the Shell Eco Marathon Team will meet each other in Italy for a friendly challenge on the track. In the afternoon there will be a competition, a Press Race, between well-known Italian newspapers journalists: this race aims at demonstrating how the electrical mobility can be exciting. A future technology with a glance to eco-friendly and sustainable high-performing vehicles, CRP Group is an excellent example of that and that's why it will be part of the ZEV Day next June 3rd.

    With the experience of over 40 years in the field of F1 and motorsport, CRP Group has faced the challenge with the green energy and technology thanks to eCRP, the electric racebike 2011 Championship Vice World, and Energica, its street version, both participating at ZEV Day. CRP Group has long invested in this future and eco-friendly technology and also with its know-how and its customer care has decided to integrate the ABS system on Energica, the first electric Italian superbike, since the first release. An added value for those people who no longer have to wait for 2016, when the system is mandatory for all two-wheeled vehicles. A choice that demonstrates how CRP goes along with customer wishes investing on an unique, 100% state-of-the-art, high-performing but safe vehicle.

    There's more! During the ZEV Day, Energica will present an exclusive preview of "Energica highlights", an App created in collaboration with Map2App that collects the most beautiful motorcycle roads with the nearest charging stations.
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