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Mia electric with range-extender
05 June 2013

Mia electric with range-extender

    based on a fuel cell

    Mia Electric, a German / French company which produces a range of compact electric cars/vans in its Heuliez plant in France, announces that works on a system of an electric motor coupled with a fuel cell, operating with hydrogen, to increase the range of their vehicles. This modern system of a range-extender may offer a range of over 300 kilometers, and a quick and easy recharge if required.

    The company also invests in wind energy and opens these days a wind generator with wooden pole, much more environmentally friendly. They want to produce annually about 4.5 million kW / h, the same amount that 3,000 mia consume yearly driving over 15,000 kilometers. A mia consumes about 100 W per kilometer, or about 1,500 kW / h to 15,000 kilometers.

    The mia was sold mainly in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Canada, New Caledonia, Reunion Island and South Africa, and the company prepares special versions for emerging countries.

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