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Renault Twizy Cargo
02 July 2013

Renault Twizy Cargo

    Even cheaper than the standard model

    It´s a white van, but not as we know it. From today, the commercial vehicle world might never be quite the same again, after Renault unveiled Twizy Cargo.

    Taking the jaw-dropping shape and style of the standard Twizy, it swaps the rear tandem seat behind the driver for a large boot with an opening and lockable door. What´s more, as a car-derived van, with fully recoverable VAT, it´s even £650 cheaper than the standard model, at £6,241. Plus, the VAT can also be reclaimed on its battery hire, from £36 per month (excluding VAT), making it even more financially attractive.

    Following several successes in the commercial world ranging from everything like fire and police forces to postal services, Renault will now offer a single seat version with a 180-litre storage area. Designed for business use, the seamlessly integrated load area is capable of accepting loads weighing up to 75 kilos and opens out to 90 degrees. The perfect solution for companies offering callout or support services, like IT support, with the boot taking a set of tools securely and safely. Or, even a stack of large takeaway pizzas. The load area can also be accessed directly via the cabin´s lockable door.

    Ideal as a runaround in all conditions, whether they´re urban, suburban, rural or even large depot site use, Twizy Cargo has a real-world range of around 50 miles. Once at its destination it can be topped up with charge simply by using a standard three-pin plug, by way of the in-built charging cable. Full charge takes just three and a half hours. And costs only around a pound. Like its larger brother, Kangoo Van Z.E., it also provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase its green credentials using a zero-emission vehicle (in road use), as well as helping to improve air quality, particularly in cities, compared to internal-combustion engined alternatives.

    Businesses will be laughing all the way to the bank with the savings they could make compared to a traditional van too. How? Because Twizy Cargo has very low running and charging costs, exemption from city centre charges such as the London Congestion Charge and even the VAT can be clawed back on battery hire. Add it all up, and they could be better off to the tune hundreds of pounds per year.

    With a hefty 17 horsepower at its disposal, the chances of Twizy Cargo harassing other motorists in the outside lane, are pretty limited. But, it´s got more than enough oomph to surprise tabloid-toting white van man in more urban conditions. Talking of colours, Twizy Cargo´s unmistakable lines can be had in three hues, including the aforementioned white. 

    It´s also a doddle to get in and out of, especially as the driver can get in from either side and get on the move, shaving even more time off multi-drop stops. It can also be parked simply and in the tightest of spots.

    In addition to Twizy Cargo´s practical benefits, it also offers a great opportunity for companies to get noticed. So, what an opportune time to launch a customisation programme for the entire range.
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