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Tecnalia and Aries with the Dynacar
29 July 2013

Tecnalia and Aries with the Dynacar

    to visit at EVS27 at Barcelona (November 17th to 20th)

    TECNALIA, one of Europe´s largest applied research institutes, and Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, engineering leading company, with expertise in tailor-made test solutions, are providing together the car simulation testing services of the future: Dynacar.

    Dynacar provides a SW test platform that engineers can use through the entire development cycle from the early vehicle design, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL), and power train testing phases to the production floor.

    Engineers start with a fully validated vehicle model that they can quickly customize by changing parameters on the fly using the intuitive graphic user interface, or plugging in their own models using Dynacar as a virtual rolling chassis. It is specially designed for vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers (control systems for electric, hybrid and conventional propulsion vehicles, energy management strategies for new propulsion systems, advanced suspension concepts) and advanced validation systems suppliers (dynamometer rigs for the development and validation of propulsion elements and systems, battery performance validation and suspension system test rigs).

    Systems and subsystems shown at EVS27 –International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (Barcelona. November, 17th-20th).
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