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NTS Works presents the electric cargo bike
13 September 2013

NTS Works presents the electric cargo bike


    Neal Saikil and Lisa created the company NTS Works in 2010. Neal has been designing award winning bikes for 20 plus years and working on battery technology and EVs for almost a decade. Neal saw a real need for improvement in utility bikes so he set out to design a cargo bike that rides like a regular bike, but is useful like a pickup truck. Patents pending on steering and battery technology. Electric cargo bicycles help the environment, your health and are very fun to ride.

    The cargo area is open on the front so you can let long items extend out in front. The cargo bed side rails are made for an adjustable bungee cord system that adapts to your cargo. When you are not carrying a load, the cords store neatly underneath the bed. The cargo bed is removable.

    The ideal place for the cargo area is directly over the front wheel, but a regular bicycle design can´t do this.  NTS Works had to develop a new way to mount and steer the front wheel. The design is patent pending.

    NTS Works use a large electric hub motor with built in gear reduction. In order to make it durable, they electrically limit the power to 250 watts. The system is pedelec, so you have to pedal for the motor to run.

    Only the best materials and components are used in the 2×4 lithium-ion battery from Samsung. The case is made from 3mm thick aluminum plate and 10mm thick plastic. Unlike most ebike batteries, it´s also fully water sealed. The capacity is 500 w/h (14ah at 36V).

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