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Monty Hall and Sustainable Mobility
18 June 2016

Monty Hall and Sustainable Mobility

    "Let's Make a Deal" is the name of a very famous tv game show where you choose. You have 3 doors, two of them hide goats, one of them hide a car. A very nice paradox to think about and perhaps a way to be able to say ... " aye! everyday you learn something new " But better we talk about it and let's try to help you learn something more...

    When you choose the door you like, the host, knowing the door hidden products, try to give you goats... opening one door with a goat and asking for your decision to choose or not. Think about it, at last if you don't change you have a bigger probability to loose.

    As in the Monty Hall quiz, now we are living in a world of changes, where we do face a road show called mobility... where we must choose between sustainability and the future disaster, safeguard life for we, the people, that know perfectly that we need come to a decision on which "door" we choose.

    Let's see our contest options:

    First door, we work with the fossil industry, the evolution is called Gas, we do reduce emissions (760 kgCO2/year)
    Second door, we work the route to zero emissions first with hybrid (-1300 kgCO2/year) to finish with electric (1900 kgCO2/year)
    But if you ask me, i would give a try to the third door because the best election in the Monty Hall paradox works with the choose of the door not given by the host. In our game the host give us the electric vehicle in the classic private way. You buy a car, perhaps two, one to work, the second to enjoy. What about a disruptive idea ? , your election is the better probability to win. So let's apply even a better solution. Yes it's not enough zero emissions car, some routes are better for buses, bike or a walk. Sometimes is better not buying work car to use a car sharing service. Your body needs walking. We are going to review some of these ideas for you. Ideas working in cities now, applied by citizens who one day decided to stop, change and win. Think about it and change your world.

    I do link to your review this chart by the Magrama and Ecodes. We are going to work hard to apply some good ideas. Remember to comment with us through social networks. Do you want an english version ? Really good chart.
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