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The top priority for Fisker is quality and customer satisfaction
23 March 2012

The top priority for Fisker is quality and customer satisfaction

    by Tom LaSorda from Fisker Automotive

    Quality and customer satisfaction are the top priority for Fisker Automotive.

    With any new technology there will be a need for initial updates and refinements and we have demonstrated the ability to quickly resolve them on a case-by-case basis. In addition, Fisker´s 24 hour VIP contact centers, retail network with a proven customer service track record and our comprehensive vehicle warranty are all designed to give you, our customers, complete peace of mind.

    It is important to understand that despite widespread publicity of a service issue with a car belonging to Consumer Reports last week, Karma performed exactly as it was designed to. The on-board diagnostics detected a fault and entered a protection mode that shut the car down to protect other components. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused the customer, but we focused on getting the car back to them as swiftly as possible.
    All identified parts have been returned to Fisker for a full engineering analysis.

    I have put in place a “SWAT Team” with over 50 dedicated engineers and other consulting professionals to help identify this and other unique customer issues with the Karma. New software has been developed and installed in a large fleet of vehicles and they are being driven round the clock for testing and validation. As soon as this procedure is complete we will send updated software out.

    I am personally involved in all these initiatives and am committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Tom LaSorda
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