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5,6 Millions Electric Car Worldwide

According to the German Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Centre (ZSW), the total number of 100% electric, plug-in and range-extender vehicles - cars…
15 February 2019

Daimler BDNT Presents Denza 400

Daimler extends its portfolio of new energy vehicles (NEV) with the introduction of the DENZA 400, the company’s “Made in China, for China”…
23 August 2016

ByD Motors Unveiled First Battery Road Coach Bus

This first electric coach, named the BYD C9, is a two-axle, 40' coach with the seating capacity to carry 47 people at highway speed for over 190…
03 February 2015

ByD Receives Record Selling Order Of Electric Vehicles

Hangzhou, China places 2,000 long-range, battery-electric transit buses and 1,000 long-range, pure-electric cars. BYD Company Ltd. has received a…
17 May 2014

Chinese Electric DENZA Unveiled At Auto China

The joint-venture between Daimler and BYD creates the first all-electric vehicle to be built in China.
Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co.,…
22 April 2014

Thriev With 20 BYD Electric Cars In London

Private hire chauffeur operator Thriev has launched a fleet of 20 zero-emission, fully-electric BYD e6 cars in London, the first 10 of which go into…
13 February 2014

ByD E6 Pure Electric Cars Coming To UK

to trial with a numer of fleet operators
More than 50 of BYD e6 pure electric cars have arrived in the UK and will be going on trial with a number…
13 June 2013

The Truth Behind The Confusion

How is it that some analysts put pure-electric car sales at hundreds of thousands in 2012 whereas others report a mere 60-65,000? At analysts IDTechEx, we feel that a lack of rigor is largely to blame because there are cars homologated as such and car-like vehicles that are not homologated as cars. The contrast is stark. Only 65,000 true pure-electric cars, homologated as such, were sold globally in 2012, very much a failure compared to the 1.522 million hybrid electric cars sold. However,…
22 May 2013 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman

DENZA unveiled its new all-electric vehicle show car at Auto China 2012 in Beijing. The battery-driven vehicle that defines a new level of…
23 April 2012

II Electric Vehicle Run In Madrid

September 21st about 100 electric vehicles meets at Madrid to make a trip through the town in silence.
In the parking space of famous soccer stadium Bernabeu in Madrid the second electric vehicle run was held, the second year organized for the International Mobility Week, sponsored by the AMVE (Madrid Electric Vehicle Association). The goal is to make this tour of Madrid with electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters and cars to give presence to the public that electric mobility is already a reality, not a fiction. The parade of electric vehicles covered a large number of commercial electric Smarts from the Remica company, many electric Renaults (Megane, Zoe, Twizy and Kangoo), a Peugeot Ion,…
00 00 0000 / Victor Manz

EVS27 Barcelona

The EVS27 (the largest international electric vehicle symposium) was held between November 16th and 20th outside - for a general audience, pedestrians and tourists - and inside in the halls of the new Fira de Barcelona, where only professionals, lspeakers and some journalists had access. The EVS27 was a big success for Spain and specially for Barcelona - even though part of the outside demonstration was victim of torrential rains on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. But never before people had seen so many electric vehicles together, and never before had been in contact with such a lot of new companiess - from different countries - looking for a place in this great challenge of a better,…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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