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An Electric Bike Made Of Bamboo

The Californian company Calfee Design just presented a one-off concept of a bamboo bike, one of the specialities of the company, but equipped with an…
16 March 2016

Lexus Creates Advanced Hoverboard

A breakthrough for new Lexus Amazing in Motion project: a hoverboard with frictionless movement using magnetic levitation. See him flying in this…
06 August 2015

Toyota ME.WE

From the culture of “more” to the culture of “better”.
Working with Toyota since 2011, Massaud has sought to create an “anti-crisis” car that addresses contemporary human, economic and environmental challenges, bringing his independent vision and experience from outside the motor industry.The thinking behind the concept.Massaud and Toyota defined three primary aims for the concept: -Pertinence – their vision for the car is passionate but considered. The concept should be adaptable to a wide variety of lifestyles as well as displaying high quality and innovation.Synthesis – a move away from motor industry tradition to remove excess and suggest a new way of responding to…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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