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The Spanish Loryc With Opel Adam Components

Charly Bosch, father of the rebirth of the charismatic majorca brand Loryc and the transformation of its new model - classic style - in an electric…
10 November 2016

Loryc Electric Speester With EU-Approval

The Loryc Electric Speedster, a new replica from Palma de Mallorca, has got now the European approvals, so it can be driven in every country. This…
23 February 2016

Loryc Back... With An Electric Sport Car

The charismatic Loryc brand from Mallorca is back. Starting in 2016 the island will offer a new car with this same designation, a purely electric car which keeps the tradicional parts of the Loryc from the twentieth, a speedster body, its sporty style and the traditional Latin character. Invisible under the bonnet and the chasis the company votes for the highest current technology, but visible remains the craft and the immortal classical style of the roaring twenties, when Loryc built their own sport cars only for enjoying trips on the balear island or international sports events.
Loryc manufactured their cars on the island of Mallorca between 1920 and 1925, a short time, but with a…
25 October 2015 / V. Christian Manz
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