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Loryc back... with an electric sport car
25 October 2015

Loryc back... with an electric sport car

The charismatic Loryc brand from Mallorca is back. Starting in 2016 the island will offer a new car with this same designation, a purely electric car which keeps the tradicional parts of the Loryc from the twentieth, a speedster body, its sporty style and the traditional Latin character. Invisible under the bonnet and the chasis the company votes for the highest current technology, but visible remains the craft and the immortal classical style of the roaring twenties, when Loryc built their own sport cars only for enjoying trips on the balear island or international sports events.

Loryc manufactured their cars on the island of Mallorca between 1920 and 1925, a short time, but with a surprising success and worth remembering sports palm. Its origin is based on the three partners Rafael Lacy, the French engineer Albert Ouvrard and Antonio Ribas - from its initial origin the word LOR y Cia, or LORYC, who devoted themselves to create simple cars in typical style: a common frame adaptable to different bodies and an engine bought abroad on the market, first coming from Ruby, later opting for SCAP and EHP engines.

The new Loryc intends to maintain the simplicity of a completely open car, enjoying driving through the beautiful nature of the island, and - again - the use of a foreign engine, this time a fully electric 20 hp motor, which adds something to the car never having before: enjoy the scenery in silence.

The robust frame of the LORYC Electric is constructed of lightweight materials and contributes particularly to the low vehicle weight. Due to the independent suspension of all four wheels and a specially tuned damping system, even offroad jurneys can be enjoyable. The 19-inch rims, specially developed for LORYC with spokes of wire and central locking, come from one of the last manufacturers who has kept this craft for generations. Rims of this manufacturer were used by earlier racing cars of almost all famous car brands. Ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels and a hydraulic braking system with ABS keep the LORYC Electric fully controled at any time. And thanks to the modern power steering, it is a delight to handle the LORYC.

The actively cooled electric motor is generously sized, and keeps cool even on warm summer days on the mountain roads of Mallorca. Twenty electrical horsepower and a maximum speed of fifty miles per hour - more the LORYC Electric evidently does not have to offer! But the deep windscreen and the wide open body design of the lightweight vehicle, make shure you feel the dynamics of each and every individual of the twenty horses up close. And that without any engine noise. Nothing distracts from the direct driving pleasure, from the sounds and from the smells of the passing environment. The tightly coordinated multi-speed transmission always provides maximum torque for nimble driving, and yet the electrically driven LORYC can be ridden very comfortably without switching gears. The high-performance battery provides power for more than 80 miles of driving fun. The silent driving pleasure of the LORYC Electric is best experienced on a test drive in selected hotels of Mallorca.

The interior of the LORYC Electric shines through pure and noble design, reduced to the necessary. The sporty shaped seats with integrated headrests, the three-point belt and the side walls are covered with finest, hand-stitched leather. The steering wheel, made of steel and wood, is crafted in a small factory with a lot of technical skill. Something very special offers the dashboard made of stainless steel: ALL relevant information such as speed, remaining endurance, temperature, battery status, etc. are displayed on circular instruments in the design of the 20s. No digital displays disturb the classic, almost true to the original appearance of the dashboard.

Für unsere deutschen Leser:
Wie es zur Idee des Loryc Electric kam

Eines Tages entdeckte der grosse Inselliebhaber Charly Bosch einen Loryc Torpedo, der zum Verkauf stand. Recherhcen ergaben dass es sich um eines der wenigen noch erhaltenen Loryc handelte; Bosch war sofort Feuer und Flamme. Der Wagen wurde gekauft, mit der Versicherung, dass er die Insel, seine Heimatstätte, nicht verlassen würde. Der alte Loryc sollte täglich verwendet werden.

Aber nach zweimaligen Totalausfall des Motors wurde Bosch schnell klar, dass es so nicht ging. Er entschied sich für den Einbau eines Elektromotores, kaufte Motor, Steuerung, Batterien und ein Ladegerät... und baute um. Erstaunlic wie sanft und doch sportlich sich jetzt das über 90 Jahre Automobil bewegte. Das Fahren mit dem Loryc Electric machte viel Spass, das kleine Auto mit nur 13kW bewältigte die zahlreichen Steigungen besser als das alte Benzinaggregat; bergab half die Rekuperation des Elektroantriebs beim Abbremsen.

Doch das wirklich faszinierende war die Stille der Bewegung. Charly Bosch genoss das Zwitschern der Vögel, das Rauschen des Windes in den Bäumen, das Rasseln der Ketten der Radfahrer... der Loryc Electric wurde sein Alltagsfahrzeug, das viel Aufsehen erregt und wieder Anlass gibt, aus alten Tagen zu erzählen. Charly Bosch sicherte sich die Markenrechte und hauchte der Auto-Manufaktur "Loryc Mallorca" neues Leben ein.

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