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The Swiss Bubble-car Microlino Will Be Built In Germany

The Swiss company Microlino, which has been developing one of the most spectacular electric city cars for some time, has decided to accept a third…
05 December 2018

The Microlino Will Be Built By Tazzari In Italy

History repeats itself: in the early 1950s the Iso Isetta was created in Italy, a bubble-car, round, tall and with a front door, which had its best…
17 March 2017

II Electric Vehicle Run In Madrid

September 21st about 100 electric vehicles meets at Madrid to make a trip through the town in silence.
In the parking space of famous soccer stadium Bernabeu in Madrid the second electric vehicle run was held, the second year organized for the International Mobility Week, sponsored by the AMVE (Madrid Electric Vehicle Association). The goal is to make this tour of Madrid with electric vehicles, bicycles, scooters and cars to give presence to the public that electric mobility is already a reality, not a fiction. The parade of electric vehicles covered a large number of commercial electric Smarts from the Remica company, many electric Renaults (Megane, Zoe, Twizy and Kangoo), a Peugeot Ion,…
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