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Presentation/Talk At AutoRetro 2018 In Barcelona

On Friday 19th October I will present my books LOS PIONEROS and SILENCIOSOS Y LIMPIOS, plus a preview of the new book WHEN THE PETROLEUM FAILED in the…
16 October 2018

Major Anniversaries Of Electric Cars / Jubiläen Der Elektrofahrzeuge

Every year international newspapers and magazines publish reports about the different brands and models that will celebrate an anniversary ... but…
02 October 2018

DID YOU KNOW: Ten Electric Bus Companies In Japan 1939

From 1938 until after World War II there were ten manufacturers of electric buses of all kinds in Japan. It was due to fossil fuel restrictions of any…
27 September 2018

Dendrobium Hypercar D-1

The new British electric hypercar maker Dendrobium Automotive Limited recently made its UK public debut to huge acclaim within the stunning…
17 September 2018

World Premiere Of Modular Electric Drive Volkswagen Matrix

Volkswagen is driving the transition to e-mobility with a consistency and commitment unlike that of virtually any other automaker. As part of the…
17 September 2018
Silenciosos y Limpios

Did You Know?: Mercedes Electriques From 1906

Between 1906 and 1908 there was a company called Société Mercedes-Electriques based in Paris, which sold cars and electric industrial vehicles under…
11 September 2018

Ultraviolette - Electric Motor Bike From India

Few of us could imagine that this attractive electric motorbike will come from India, from the new start-up Ultraviolette Automotion. But it seems…
03 September 2018

Forgotten Stories

The third of my books about electromobility "HISTORY OF ELECTRIC CARS" is just going to the printer these days. The first chapter of this new…
23 August 2018

Green Trip Canarias

Empresa ubicada en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria que alquila vehículos eléctricos tipo tuk-tuk para recorrer la isla. También trabajan con los turistas de los grandes cruceros que atracan en la isla.

Emov Madrid

Empresa de alquiler por minutos de vehículos eléctricos en Madrid, España

Linkker - Electric City Buses With Lowest Energy Consumption

The Finnish manufacturer with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) offers different versions of its urban bus 12L that surprise for its unique technology,…
23 August 2018

Infiniti Prototype 10

INFINITI has released a second teaser image of its concept car due to be revealed at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Its striking concept…
20 August 2018

130 Years Of E-Mobility - Exposition At German PS.Speicher

PS.Speicher in Einbeck (Germany) is much more than a museum, it is - a journey to discover "the wheels that keep us moving", an exhibition and…
18 August 2018

Robotic System For Recharging EVs

Experts from the Technical University of Graz (Austria) have developed the prototype of a robotic recharge system for automobiles, using the robotic…
14 August 2018

Audi E-tron Wiith Most Effective Recuperation System

We publish below the press release of Audi concerning its advanced system of electric power recovery in downhills, a system that will greatly help in…
08 August 2018
Los Pioneros

Das Elektrofahrzeug German Magazine From The Thirties

The latest news for my collection - and to introduce it in the future books on HISTORY (S) OF THE ELECTRIC CAR - is the acquisition of 19 copies of…
06 August 2018
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