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E.Go Life Ultimate City Car

The German e.Go Mobile presents the city car Life with its ultimate design at CeBIT 2017 fair in Hannover. This is the second car developed at the…
27 March 2017

Evoke Electric Motorcycles Simplifies Motorcycle Braking With The Easiest Braking System On The Market

Evoke Electric Motorcycles has developed their “Precision Braking” system, which is the most accurate, and simplest, braking system ever…
26 March 2017

City ETaxi By German ACM

The German company Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) has presented its City eTaxi at the German Cebit Fair (March 20-24), a light three-seater vehicle…
26 March 2017

Generation Now, Generation Next With The Concept EQ By Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz announces the launch of #mbcollective – Chapter One, showing the new Concept EQ, shot by photographer, writer and filmmaker Luke…
22 March 2017

04 - Apr - 2017
Vehículo eléctrico y manipulación segura

Would you like to know how its work and how to handle an electric...

05 - Jul - 2017
The Future of Transportation World Conference

A multiple-session conference bringing transportation experts together...
Köln (Alemania)

UrbanX - New Single Electric Wheel For Bicycle

Creating a bicycle wheel with built-in motor, to be able to use it on any type of bicycle, is not a new idea, and there are already some models on the…
22 March 2017
Green Trip Canarias

Citroën E-Berlingo Multispace

The new E-Berlingo Multispace keeps all of the original car’s practicality and modular design, and adds the efficiency and driving pleasure of an…
22 March 2017

The Microlino Will Be Built By Tazzari In Italy

History repeats itself: in the early 1950s the Iso Isetta was created in Italy, a bubble-car, round, tall and with a front door, which had its best…
17 March 2017

Uniti From Sweden, A New E-Mobility Concept

The Swedes want to re-invent the car, to be electric, and, after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the start-up Uniti has joined the multinational…
17 March 2017



Empresa española que distribuye casi todas las marcas de bicicletas eléctricas en Cataluña, Castilla y León, Madrid, Navarra y País Vasco.

Magna Steyr Presents FCREEV

The Fuel Cell Range Extended Electric Vehicle from the Austrian company Magna Steyr presents a driving concept using a fuel-cell range-extender that…
16 March 2017

Jaguar I-Pace On The Road

Jaguar has unleashed its first electric vehicle – the Jaguar I-PACE – onto the streets for the first time. Driving on the streets of London’s…
16 March 2017

Hybrid Kinetic Electric Sedan From Pininfarina

With the H600 Pininfarina is proposing an elegant, refined and comfortable eco-sustainable luxury sedan, a perfect combination of pure design and…
14 March 2017

Detroit Electric Signes Joint-venture With Chinese Company

Detroit Electric has signed a joint venture deal with Far East Smarter Energy Group of China, which has helped secure a total investment of $1.8…
10 March 2017

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Electric

The EXP 12 Speed 6e is a concept to show that Bentley is defining electric motoring in the luxury sector, with the appropriate technology, high…
10 March 2017
Green Trip Canarias

Artega-Touring, Two Works Together

Artega, the German sports car manufacturer, has commissioned Italian Touring Superleggera with the design of their next all-electric ultimate sports…
09 March 2017
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