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BIL, The Last Km Solution

At the IAA 2016 in Hannover (germany), the French company Libner presents definitily their concept for the "last kilometer solution", the…
27 September 2016

Monty Hall And Sustainable Mobility

"Let's Make a Deal" is the name of a very famous tv game show where you choose. You have 3 doors, two of them hide goats, one of them hide a car. A very nice paradox to think about and perhaps a way to be able to say ... " aye! everyday you learn something new " But better we talk about it and let's try to help you learn something more...
When you choose the door you like, the host, knowing the door hidden products, try to give you goats... opening one door with a…
18 June 2016 / José Luis Iglesias

Hyundai Ix35 Fuel Cell For Car Sharing Service

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell will be used for the world’s first fuel cell powered zero-emission car sharing service BeeZero, to be launched in Munich,…
09 April 2016

Chevrolet Bolt Electric Car With 200 Miles Range

Chevrolet is introducing the 2017 Bolt EV at the Consumer Electronics Show, fulfilling its promise to offer a long-range, affordable electric vehicle…
07 January 2016

PSA Citroën Produce The Bolloré Bluesummer Electric Vehicle

The PSA Group signs a contract with the French Bolloré Group to built one of their electric vehicles, in this case the Bluesummer convertible.…
17 June 2015

IMA Issues Sales Licenses For The Electric One-seater Colibri

Preparations for the production of the electric one-seater Colibri are running in high gear. More than 1,200 pre-orders have been placed with the…
19 January 2015

Toyota I-Road For Grenoble

Toyota is ready to bring nimble, zero-emissions motoring to Europe’s crowded city centres with a fleet of its i-ROAD and COMS ultra-compact electric…
13 September 2014

Toyota I-Road In Toyota City

Toyota has announced the introduction of the i-Road personal mobility concept to the Ha:mo urrban transport system trials.
Toyota has announced the…
29 September 2013

Bolloré And Renault Signed Letter Of Intent

The Renault and Bolloré groups have signed a letter of intent to study the joint development of car-sharing solutions and the implementation of…
14 September 2013

Honda Present Its Electric Microcar

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have unveiled the 'Micro Commuter Prototype', a micro-sized short distance EV commuter. This vehicle was developed in…
14 November 2012

Deutsche Bahn, the international mobility supplier and also the company that operates the German railway network, has chosen the Hiriko electric…
17 October 2012
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