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Ujet Shakes Up How We Will Move Around Our Cities

Ujet unveiled its first product, the Ujet electric scooter, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is set to redefine urban mobility -…
09 January 2018

Irizar Manufactures New Electric Buses At New Premises

Irizar has been awarded the contract for Madrid's first 15 100% electric buses and Barcelona's first four 100% electric articulated buses.…
28 July 2017

The Pioneers, 160 Km/h And 307 Km Range 1870/1906

This is the title of the first book about E-Mobility written by Volker Christian Manz, available on Spanish language at webside…
26 May 2017

Car2Go Growing In Car-sharing Business

Car2go keeps growing. In financial year 2016, the market leader in flexible car sharing grew its customer base by 43 percent to 2.2 million. A car2go…
09 February 2017

Madrid With The Electric Vehicle

Today starts the new emov carsharing service in Madrid, offering a 100% digital rental service with a fleet of 500 Citroën C-Zero electric…
19 December 2016

Taking A Car2Go Electric Smart In Madrid

Talking about Madrid and sustainable mobility is talking about private vehicles sharing. In the two wheels (light) mobility a bicycle service we will talk about in next articles, on the other hand electric car mobility offers different options, the most visible: CAR2GO.
A very easy service. Once our driving license is checked we register a valid method of payment, normaly a credit card, we download the APP in our mobile phone and we are ready to use the CAR2GO fleet.Its not necessary going to their HQ because of some other business agreements to offer a more simple way to check our docs. Driving CAR2GO in Madrid is very easy, you open the booking APP to check the map and choose one car,…
08 July 2016 / José Luis Iglesias

Irizar E-mobility, The New Company Of IRIZAR Group

Irizar e-mobility is a new electromobility company whose plant and prototypes of all its new products and systems will be completed by the end of…
04 April 2016

Irizar I2e Electric Bus - Pre-selected For Paris

The Irizar i2e, an electric bus from the Irizar Group, has been presented in the city of Paris by the RATP (the largest public transport group in…
17 December 2015

Bulls, E-mountain-bikes

The German company Bulls has been building high quality mountain bikes since many years, and now has opted to create their own range of electric…
27 September 2015

Nissan And Endesa: To Go For A Vehicle-to-grid System

Nissan and Endesa, an Enel Group subsidiary, signed a ground-breaking agreement at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show that paves the way for a…
05 March 2015

Calèche - Travelling Inside The Landscape

The Dutch bodybuilder Caleche has developed and patented the convertible mini/midibus that gives new pleasure of traveling, allowing the traveler…
01 November 2014

Alter Bike, Bicycles On Fashion Colours

Presented in Spain for European and Brasilian markets
Alter bike presents in Madrid the Runner Series. These are chic, unique and practical…
24 September 2014

Comeback Of Bultaco

The charismatic Spanish motorcycle brand will be back in 2015. Upon the closure in 1983 of perhaps best known Spanish brand of bikes outside our…
13 May 2014

Alfer And BSG Electrics Coming Together

Expert of high competition enduro together with electric motorbike specialist
Alfer, the historic producer of high competition enduro and trial…
05 April 2013
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