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Toyota Prius

World premiere of the Toyota Prius 4th generation at Las Vegas September 8th... the European presentation will be held at the IAA in Francfort / Germany, the International Motor Show open to the public between the September 19th to 27th.
The same vehicle that pioneered the hybrid category just disrupted the status quo again. The all-new, fourth-generation Prius starred in a spectacular evening production of music, food and special effects to celebrate an industry icon in a way that was anything but expected. Smaller, lighter hybrid system components, higher-energy density in the batteries, and an internal combustion engine touting ground-breaking thermal efficiency (more than forty…
09 September 2015 / Press Release

Toyota Mirai Arrives In The UK

Toyota has taken another step towards a hydrogen-powered future with the arrival of the first Mirai fuel cell vehicles at its import centre at…
11 August 2015

Toyota Wants Its Batteries Back - All Of Them

Target to increase current recovery rate of 91 per cent to 100 per cent of used Toyota and Lexus hybrid batteries across Europe.
The hybrid…
07 February 2015

Welcome To Hybrid Town

You won’t find it on your sat-nav, but in Hybrid Town the traffic is 100 per cent Toyota hybrid. Welcome to a corner of rural Hampshire where…
11 October 2014

Toyota Racing Presents New TS040 Hybrid

TOYOTA Racing has revealed the TS040 HYBRID car and revised driver line-up which will take it into the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship - and…
27 March 2014

Toyota Fuel Cell As Domestic Energy Supplier

A new hydrogen-powered Toyota could be the answer to keeping the lights on when power cuts strike. Instead of fumbling for the candles when the…
08 January 2014

Toyota Prius New Generation

Toyota will spearhead a new era in hybrid technology with its next generation Prius, promising further gains in fuel economy and reduced…
30 August 2013

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

Frankfurt will mark the world debut of the new Yaris Hybrid-R concept, created as a showcase for possible future hybrid development ideas that can…
19 August 2013

Toyota And Lexus Hybrids

- More than five million Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles sold globally since 1997 - Hybrid remains a core technology…
17 April 2013

Toyota Aqua G Sport In Tokio

Toyota shows there are no barriers when it comes to customisation with a no-holds-barred sporting display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon that…
12 January 2013

Toyota Prius In Camden Christmas Celebration

A Toyota Prius Plug-in set London’s Bedford Square aglow 17 December afternoon as it powered an array of twinkling lights as part of a Camden…
20 December 2012

Toyota Racing

Toyota Racing will write a new chapter in the history of hybrid motorsport next week when it takes part in the 80th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours…
11 June 2012

The Death Of Lead Acid Batteries

In historical terms, the death of the flint tool, cooking by dung and other bygone technologies occurred very rapidly. This was because several factors conspired to bring in the better alternative and this created a multiplier effect. So it is with lead acid batteries. To this huge industry and the magazines that write about it, there is a long term, if unspectacular, future for the lead acid battery in vehicles - the main use. Conventional "reciprocaur" car sales are still increasing…
15 November 2011 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman

Industrial And Commercial Electric Vehicles - The Next Decade

This article shares some of the research carried out in producing the new IDTechEx report, "Industrial and Commercial Electric Vehicles 2012-2022".
Those selling components for electric vehicles and those wishing to make the vehicles themselves must seek where the majority of the money is spent and will be spent. That must lead them to industrial and commercial electric vehicles because today these represent 60% of the value of the electric vehicle market.…
14 October 2011 / Dr. Peter Harrop Chairman
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