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Rimac Presents Concept One Hypercar At Geneva

The Geneva International Motor Show 2016, which opens its doors to the public on March 3, emerges as the hall of electric and hybrid miracles as they predict some presentations of unique electric car from companies not so well known in the automotive world. Apart from a Chinese company with a powerful supercar, the revivial of the Spyker brand, also with an electric sport car, is anticipated. Morgan will present its classic three-wheeler in an electric mode ... and Rimac, the Croatian company for excellence in the field of electric supercars, will present its Concept-One, the best of hypercar available, which only occur in a limited series to eight units.
press release:The Concept_One was…
23 February 2016 / V. Christian Manz

It Is Official Tajima Teams Up With Rimac For Pikes Peak 2015

TeamAPEV‬ with MONSTER SPORT, led by the racing legend Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, teamed up with Rimac Automobili. As a result, 2015 Pikes Peak…
01 June 2015

Croacia Prepare Nikola Tesla Rallye

Electric cars from all over the world will race when the Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2014 is held in Croatia at the end of May (27th to 31st of…
24 March 2014


Casple Group and Podadera Design develop a folding city car which park in less than two meters
The Spanish business group Casple from the city of Burgos, an expert in metal processing making different subassemblies for the automotive industry, and Francisco Podadera, one of the most renowned Spanish designers with a long resume, have jointly developed a city car for two people, with the peculiarity that folds when parking, to take up as little space as possible. With the presentation of this prototype, you see in these photos, begins a new phase of a project that began three years ago, when the two companies decided to investigate the opportunities offered by the emerging market for…
13 February 2013 / V. Christian Manz

Rimac Concept One

Only 88 examples of the sensational Rimac Concept_One will be produced and each will cost $1 million.
The team behind the Rimac Concept_One includes designers who used to work for the fabled Italian styling house Pininfarina and top Bulgarian leatherworkers from Vilner, among others.This unique new electric hyper car has the capability of producing the astronomical equivalent of 1,088 bhp due to its 92-kWh battery, which powers four sets of electric motors, placed at each wheel. All four systems can operate independently and accelerate and decelerate hundreds of times per second. Rimac labels this as All-Wheel Torque Vectoring (AWTV).The Concept_One’s performance is shattering with 0-60…
19 July 2012 / V. Christian Manz


From the unique exhibition Top Marques Monaco, an event where the most distinctive cars in the world are exposed, they present us the Toroidion, a new car from Finland, that momentarily wins the title of world's most powerful electric car with its total output of 1.340 HP.
Until now the most powerful electric car  was the Rimac from Croatia. This car is developped by Finnish Pasi Pennanen, an expert who has spent 20 years developing prototypes and concept cars. Since 2011 it deals with its fully electric Toroidion, with the purpose and the desire to create a competitive sport car to win the 24 Hours of LeMans, one of the hardest races of endurance. Pennanen still does not relieve…
00 00 0000 / V. Christian Manz
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