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Irizar Manufactures New Electric Buses At New Premises

Irizar has been awarded the contract for Madrid's first 15 100% electric buses and Barcelona's first four 100% electric articulated buses.…
28 July 2017

Evoke Moves To Foxconn

Evoke Motorcycles, one of the leaders in the electric motorcycle industry, is glad to announce that it will be moving its entire headquarters and…
05 July 2017

Deutsche Post And Ford To Manufacture E-Van

Deutsche Post subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH and Ford-Werke GmbH are entering a partnership for the manufacturing of battery-electric delivery…
15 June 2017

Yara Y Kongsberg Builds Autonomous Electric Container Ship

The vessel "YARA Birkeland" will be the world's first fully electric and autonomous container ship, with zero emissions. Operation is…
24 May 2017

Vandra Dendrobium: Debut At Geneva Motor Show

The covers have come off Singapore's first-ever hypercar, the Dendrobium, which has made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The brainchild…
08 March 2017

Dendrobium, Singapore´s First-ever Hypercar

A fully electric revolution is heading to this year’s Geneva Motor Show in the shape of the Dendrobium, Singapore’s first-ever hypercar.
18 January 2017

Electric Buses With Great Future Worldwide

The worldwide fleet of electric buses reached approximately 200.000 in 2016, nearly 198.000 of them operating in China. This is due to the Chinese…
12 January 2017

VW I.D. Buzz Electric MPV, The Microbus Of The New Age

Zero emission, all-wheel drive, 600 kilometers of range, eight seats and space for bikes and surfboards, this will be the Volkswagen Transporter for…
11 January 2017

Charge Reveals New Electric Truck

Businessman and entrepreneur Denis Sverdlov revealed the latest model in a range of electric vehicles being developed for sale in 2017 by his…
14 November 2016

Motochimp Redefines Urban Mobility

The Motochimp from Singapore is a compact and cool new electric motorbike, packed full of personality and fun that can be fast charged in as little as…
08 November 2016

Electric Vehicle Increase In Popularity In UK

The announcement of £10 million government investment (in the United Kingdom) in electric vehicle charging comes as the year-to-date plug-in car…
24 October 2016

Spanish Irizar Receives The National Business Award For The Environment

The Spanish Section of the European Environmental Awards, coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, via the Biodiversity…
06 October 2016

The EV Supercar GLM G4 Unveiled

Just like a powerful lightning of innovation coming from Japan, the preview of a new EV luxury sport car has been unveiled. The new GLM product line…
04 October 2016

Better Bike A Pedal Electric Vehicle

No more problem with rain and cold.
The PEBL is a new and exciting type of zero emissions vehicle that combines the comfort and utility of a small…
07 September 2016
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