Prestige Electric Car PrestigeElectricCar August 10th, 2015The Dutch Stella Lux es an energy positive family car, that means this car […]
Stella Lux
29 August 2015
August 10th, 2015

The Dutch Stella Lux es an energy positive family car, that means this car is so effcient that generates more energy than consuming during the entire year, even in Dutch weather conditions!

The aerodynamic design has an important role in this: consider, for example, the tunnel which runs through the center of the car. Furthermore, Stella Lux has an extended roof on both sides of the car. Because of this, we were able to place another row of solar panels on the car. Stella Lux was designed to be extremely light by using materials like carbon fibre and aluminium.

Stella Lux is an intelligent car. For example, it contains a innovative energy management system: the Solar Navigator. By collecting the current weather data Solar Navigator gives suggestions for the optimal route. Furthermore Stella Lux is synchronized with your smartphone, because of this Stella Lux is up to date about your appointments during the day. You won’t have to fill in your destination anymore and Stella Lux knows exactly how much energy can be charged to your household. You will never have to think about the energy distribution again and you’re able to drive carefree.

By combining the flexible screen layout of a tablet and haptic buttons, we developed Layr. By scrolling the tangible bar over the screen applications are maximized or minimized. Three gaps in the bar direction your fingers to the right spot, so you won’t have to look at the touchscreen to operate it. Because of this Layr increases safety. Stella Lux communicates with other cars on the road. For example, the music volume automatically turns down when an ambulance is approaching.

No other solar car has the same comfort as Stella Lux. The door needs to be unlocked to gain acces to this interior which happens automatically when Stella Lux detects your smartphone nearby. The door itself is part of the seat which gives you a spacious interior experience. The seats are equipped with comfortable textile in combination with lightweight pillows so you are able to enjoy maximum comfort. The rest of the interior is designed with bright colors and materials. This gives the interior of Stela Lux an open and bright appearance. The moodlights that are cleverly installed thorough the entire car makes you imagine you are driving in a futuristic mini-lounge.

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