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The Solarcar Lightyear - One Step Closer

The car only powered by solar energy is closer to come to the market. The Dutch startup Lightyear says it will manufacture the first units as early as…
19 December 2018

Forgotten Stories

The third of my books about electromobility "HISTORY OF ELECTRIC CARS" is just going to the printer these days. The first chapter of this new…
23 August 2018

Hanergy And Bluecar Working On Solar Electric Cars

Hanergy Holding Group, a pioneering multinational clean energy company has announced that its subsidiary, Donghan New Energy Automotive Technology Co…
02 August 2018

Unter Strom

With the title of "Under electric current" a special exhibition about the history of the electric vehicle was shown at the Pantheon in Basel /…
03 May 2018

Hanergy Launches 4 Solar Power Vehicles

Hanergy Holding Group, the world’s leading thin-film solar power company, launched four full solar power vehicles at a grand ceremony themed…
07 July 2016
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