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Scuddy, a three wheel scooter
09 November 2015

Scuddy, a three wheel scooter

The solution for a new mobility

Many special features and technical innovations differentiate Scuddy from other electric scooters on the market, giving it its individual appearance and allowing you, the driver, to have the most unique driving experience possible on three wheels.

From the battery to the propulsion unit, to the steering and the brakes, nearly all core components of this brilliant scooter were developed, constructed and programmed by Scuddy’s design team. All elements have been refined over a period of years to ensure that they integrate perfectly within the Scuddy concept, and are ideally tuned to their specific function.

The combination of innovative, modern components, with „Made in Germany“ design and construction guarantee a fully developed product and a pristine, ecological driving experience.

Scuddy is at home in many worlds. “Wherever you go” is our motto, and it’s well justified by this scooter. The patented folding mechanism, along with many technical refinements and optional extras, such as the bag holder, the basket, the smart phone fixture and more, ensure that Scuddy adapts itself to your individual mobility needs.

This ecological scooter is great for commuters and is an ideal companion within the city. It is also a light, easy and comfortable method of transport for sightseeing tours, or quick trips to the grocery store. While on vacation, whether by boat or camper van, Scuddy provides the perfect extension to your mobility with its extreme flexibility and compact size. No matter where you are, Scuddy‘s size, speed and manoeuvrability, allow you to easily and safely make your way through traffic.

The motor recovery system transforms energy generated by braking into usable battery power. Thus, Scuddy is extremely economical and ecological. This technique, combined with a far-sighted and non-aggressive driving style, makes ranges up to 40km possible on a single charge (the Sport Version has a range of 30km). The cost of a recharge in Germany is approx. 0,12€.

Using public transport options is no problem for Scuddy drivers -even in rush hour. When folded, Scuddy has been officially designated as a luggage trolley in most European countries, and can therefore be transported on all buses and trains free of charge.

The removable 512Wh LiFePO4 battery allows Scuddy to achieve an extensive range. The battery can be charged inside Scuddy, or can easily be removed and plugged in wherever an electrical socket is to be found. A complete recharge requires four hours - or with an optional rapid charger it can be done in just an hour. When used appropriately, the battery will last 45000 km before range is reducedto 80% of its original capacity.

With a simple turn of the hand, the patented folding mechanism converts Scuddy into a trolley, perfect for transporting bags or cases and carrying on busses and trains with no extra fees. If needed, it is also easy to configure for carrying larger items, like crates of water. Ready to go, including the battery, Scuddy weighs 27.5kg.

One must simply experience Scuddy‘s Carving Chassis to get hooked. The shift of weight when steering provides the driver with a direct, dynamic and intuitive driving experience that is unparalleled. After a short time anyone can easily control Scuddy. In a standing position Scuddy can be driven in an intuitive and sporty manner. When the supplied seat is installed, a feeling similar to a regular scooter can be experienced.

Scuddy supplies a completely new, sporty and dynamic driving experience. With its high performance 2hp motor (1500W) and a top speed of 35kph, Scuddy not only gives thrills of speed, but can easily climb steep hills, up to 20% grade at 22kph. Scuddy transforms tarmac and slopes into fun.

Different requirements demand different concepts. That’s why there are two versions of Scuddy. The City model, with a top speed of 20kph, has been designed for driving around town. It can be driven anywhere bicycles are allowed, including on moped accessible cycle paths. (In Germany only a moped driving licence is required for speeds to 25kph. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory – but is strongly recommended for your own safety).

For the dynamic driver, the Scuddy Sport version reaches top speeds of 35kph. At these speeds wearing a helmet is compulsory in Germany. Scuddy Sport can be driven by anyone with a full driving licence or a moped licence. (In Germany Class M.)

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