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Spanish Company Silence Presents Electric Scooter SO1

Silence, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of 100% electric motorcycles, innovates again with the launch of the new S01 scooter…
14 November 2018

Zapp, The New High-performance Scooter

Zapp, a new scooter manufacturer headquartered in the UK, unveiled a fully electric, high-performance scooter powered by a pair of cutting-edge,…
01 November 2018

Stigo Bike Perfect For Urban Life

Stigo Bike, a small, folding and ecologic scooter
Stigo Bike of Tallinn, Estonia, bet, 3 years ago, to create this curious electric scooter that…
15 August 2016

Van.Eko A Green Electric Scooter

Bio-scooter built from Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composites.
The Be.e is an electric bio-scooter built from Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composites.…
06 December 2015

Scuddy, A Three Wheel Scooter

The solution for a new mobility
Many special features and technical innovations differentiate Scuddy from other electric scooters on the market,…
09 November 2015

Reborn Of An Electric Motor Bike

Electro Force Motors have been reborn in Evoke Electric Motorcycles. The china company ceased operations last year because arisen due to differences…
10 September 2015

Ebretti, Electric Scooters

Ebretti have two different models of electric scooters.
The Netherland Company Ebretti is a producer of electrics scooters for differents european…
30 July 2015

Van.Eko Be.e Near The End Of His Crowdfunding

As you know we're going strong in reaching our goal of €70.000,-. With €32.680,- we are currently at 47% of our goal and that is great! But…
01 April 2015

Fido Electric Scooter - Genial Simplicity

Fido Motors started as a result of Jeb Gast’s search for the electric scooter that could compete with modern gasoline scooters. Electric scooters…
28 November 2014

Govecs´ New GO!S1.3

The GOVECS product family has a new member: From now on the GO! S1.3 is available through the official international sales partners of the German…
23 August 2014

Vectrix Assets To Be Auctioned Off June 18, 2014

Despite introducing a lower-priced model and introducing the three-wheeled VX-3, the New Bedford, MA.-based electric scooter maker failed to meet…
16 June 2014

Mahindra To Build GenZe Scooter In US For All Markets

The Indian company Mahindra announced they build the new attractiv urban electric scooter GenZe en the USA for all western markets.
This electric…
28 May 2014

Brandt, The French Electro-scooter

The origins of this French company go back to 1924 as a light arms manufacturer. After World War II Brandt specialises in a new sector developing…
14 January 2014

Q-Scooter, Clean And Nice

The Q is clean, quick and ready for the internet era. A robust electric scooter concept for the Dutch company QWIC. no sound, zero…
01 December 2013
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