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Chinese Supercar from Techrules in Geneva
18 February 2016

Chinese Supercar from Techrules in Geneva

    Concerning the terse news, at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show (3rd to 13th March for public, 1st March for press) the Chinese company Techrules will present a concept supercar with an innovative range-extending turbine recharging technology.

    China-based automotive R&D company, Techrules, will showcase its unique and patented Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) system in an all-new concept supercar. The system incorporates several technological innovations that deliver unprecedented advances in both whole-life environmental efficiencies and dynamic performance.

    The projected performance highlights of the Techrules concept supercar with TREV technology include a peak power of 768 kW (1,030 bhp / 1,044 PS) and a range of over 2,000 km.
    It is very striking the news of progress in ecomobility are now linked to the Chinese. We have on one side the participation of one of the largest Chinese companies, Chint, in the Spanish development of graphene batteries, which covers much attention in the national media - but whose performance is yet to be confirmed - and on the other hand we have now this above mentioned revolutionary technology. We asked all: The future of electric mobility will come from China?

    Or will all these new developments produce new deceptions, as is happening so much in recent years? It is also uncertain whether they could really be cheating, it can also happen that someone buys patents and locked them in his drawer ... and the world halt their advance.
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